My areas of research in Applied Mathematics include Partial Differential Equations, Time Fractional Partial Differential Equations and Control Theory. My main goal by studying these subjects is to used them for modeling environmental phenomenon in order to control them. More precisely, I am interested in studying models with incomplete data obtained while describing such a phenomenon, and particularly, the development of method enables to control them.

However, I also work on abstract differential and time fractional differential equations on Banach space and on time scales. More precisely, I am interested in the study of their asymptotic behavior of solution in finite and infinite dimension.

So far I have trained and mentored some young researchers and five of them have earned their PhD diploma under my advice. Most of them are now working as lecturer at the Université des Antilles, Université de la Guyane, Université d’Etat d’Haïti.

I am now running a Research Center AIMS in Limbe,Cameroon. My research during this chairholder position will focus on mathematical study of diffusion-convection reaction problems and applications to environmental and health issues. My goal is to build a team in Optimal control in order to develop tools which will enable us to tackle some environmental and health issues in Africa, particulary in Cameroon.